bring in

bring in
1) PHRASAL VERB When a government or organization brings in a new law or system, they introduce it.

[V P n (not pron)] The government brought in a controversial law under which it could take any land it wanted. [Also V n P]

2) PHRASAL VERB Someone or something that brings in money makes it or earns it.

[V P n (not pron)] I have three part-time jobs, which bring in about ₤14,000 a year. [Also V n P]

3) PHRASAL VERB If you bring in someone from outside a team or organization, you invite them to do a job or join in an activity or discussion.

[V P n (not pron)] The firm decided to bring in a new management team. [Also V n P]

4) PHRASAL VERB When a jury or inquest brings in a verdict, the verdict is officially decided.

[V P n (not pron)] The jury took 23 hours to bring in its verdict...

[V P n (not pron)] The inquest will bring in a verdict of suicide. [Also V n P]

English dictionary. 2008.